Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy 2012 ::: Walking to Another Year of Unknown.

People come from different walks of life, they have years of experiences and they grow older. Some of them give such an inspiration, you can't help to wonder why they are so successful and yet have great attitude. The safest assumption is to think , they must be lucky people who are always happy.
Of course there will be a group of people who belong to the opposite
But how bigger of a person am I to judge their characters?
Let's just blend in, cooperate, and most important, .... to always respect.
"To be humble to the superiors is duty, to the same levels is courtesy, to the inferiors... that's noble"

The surface is easier to intepret, to be worded.. to express.
The within.. is still pretty much complicated
For how immature & ignorance was I before to not realise that this was never supposed to be a 'thinkable' problem.
How do you continuously express your regrets when time has long leave you forward.
Why do you always want to keep looking back when the present is a definitely a gift.
Believe in fate.
Let's not try to question what's written & what's not.
"Manusia mengecewakan, Tuhan takkan....."

To stay positive is difficult but not impossible.
To move on is painful but its worth the experience.
To be hopeful... is one of the scariest thing, but to not be hopeful at all is just like.. scared to the idea of living...

Happy New Year of 2012.
To especially the people who knows how important they are to my life.
May this coming year brings all the good things & only the bearable challenges in our lives.

-theone&only :)-

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